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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 4, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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dude is riding the dunes. >> one of those side by side utvs. >> see why it's the head-to-head part that's a problem. after a fast food worker enduring racial insults -- >> one of the customers said dude time for you to go. >> the moment he can't have his burger his way. >> [ bleep ]. >> together. >> a little girl gets a gift with a hidden message. >> we sees puzzle. hanna reads it. >> see what mom and dad are trying to spell out. >> for real?
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>> how to get your groove on without leaving your chair. >> and how to dance your pants right off the ground. >> oli, try it now, drop your pants. >> try it? >> he barely wears pants anyway. >> are you commando, before you do this? much of the country's dealing with mountains of snows, folks in oregon are having fun with mountains of sand whipping through the labyrinth of trails in chinwinchester bay, oregon. the guy in one of the side by side utvs. this is the kind of day you wish for. >> just about to say, how can you see what's coming around the corner? >> was there a one-way sign that somebody missed? >> no. that's the thing with the dunes there are no signs. not sure who's at fault, if anybody, in this situation. it could just be inactive. listen to the driver after incident. >> ow ow.
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>> what? what? >> yeah. you can't break your leg. this is pretty rugged. >> holey cow! >> it's called a compound fracture. video does cut. you'll see there is a paramedic. the man's pants have been cutaway, helmet taken off by the paramedics. >> it looks like his leg is made of glass and somebody just broke the glass and it's opened up. how is he so calm. >> a believe shock. that's the beauty of the human body the adrenaline the shock. >> the nicest most fun day on the beach ever until -- >> the guy at this restaurant is not having it his way. this is in australia. it's called hungry jack's. he wants a hamburger made by somebody specific. >> good. that will ensure you get a nice
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heaping, helping of spit in your food. >> yeah. >> what's wrong with the guy making a burger? >> everything. >> don't they have a sign we have the right to refuse service to anyone? refuse service. >> they didn't have to serve this guy because one of the customers said, dude, time for you to go. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] really. >> all right. >> [ bleep ]. what? >> [ bleep ]. >> the rebels are a motorcycle gang. this guy, this is what his response to that is. >> vroom. >> good for this guy standing up for people in general. this guy needs some help. >> smack in the head just like he got. >> he got a leg smack i the head. he was arrested and charged with disorderly behavior. in queensland it was a basic case of road rage.
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they're in a church parking lot. >> what? >> the person who recorded it said they saw the driver of the blue car break out the back window of that silver car and started ramming that other car to get around it. >> easy to find you, mate. >> he did leave the number plates behind. listen to what's close behind him. >> oh mate. >> in a church parking lot. that's not exactly where you settle your differences and how you settle your differences. >> fellows, time of the day where i'm going to freak out. >> that's most of the time. >> we're ready. we're used to it actually. >> did i scare you? i'm going to scare you with venomous creatures from australia. come on. one of the world's deadliest creatures caught in a web. >> wait what? >> exactly. what? what? an eastern brown snake.
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>> we've heard about them. >> they can kill ya. the farmer behind the camera his name neil. he pokes at the snake. the snake's still alive. >> great idea, poke at the snake, make him angry. >> it's not the snake we need to be worried about, it's the giant spider that has trapped the snake in the web. >> this defined australia. >> spider's venomous too. >> maybe not as deadly as the brown snake. >> can anything be less deadly? it's still just going to kill you, just slower. >> the farmer did said the next day, the snake was dead and being eaten by ants in the dirt. >> australia. >> visit us. it's great! >> reporter: next video from singapore, not as freaky. a horseshoe crab lost in the grass. it's nowhere near the ocean. what the horseshoe crab's doing there? maybe a fisherman discarded it threw it away.
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so jaden, who posted the video, watch this grabs a giant leaf takes a little ride, back to safety. >> kayaker, irish, in mexico. he died he wants to go off a ho-foot water fall in new mexico with a sombrero on his head. as soon as the video starts wait no it's over. we need to see it. no problem. stick it back. wait no. over my face again. it's fine. no fine. we're going to -- stick it on my head and go down the river and everything will be fine. nothing can possibly go wrong as long as nothing -- oh wait no. sombrero's on my face again. it's just a ridiculous video as this guy tries so hard just to wear a sombrero for his video and it's just this for the first 45 seconds. >> he really should have tried on a somebrero at the store with the helmet on. got the larger size.
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>> or once he hits the water, the camera comes loose. we get a look at him later because -- >> all of that. >> the only thing he got the prep with the hat. >> fortunately that's the best part of the video. everyone's checking this out. you get a look at his face. obviously no sombrero left. but we get to see a picture of him going over. by the looks of it his face is covered by the sombrero. >> didn't see the lovely drop. >> give credit to this other guy. he decided to walk on water. >> what. >> a tricky thing to do. it's frozen. >> oh my gosh. >> this could have been prevented. >> poke that with a stick. >> what's wrong with that? >> you get to avoid this. >> that my friends, the difference between men and women. this little girl is -- >> standing on top of an air-conditioning unit. >> what? >> see how the scare comes to an end. and dude gives us a look
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into his life. >> last trainness at 11:30. >> a glimpse of his anything but average work week. >> wait it's japan. we're not done yet!
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. [ speaking foreign language ] >> any parent watching this video would be terrified seeing their little girl standing on top of an air-conditioning unit. >> what. >> that girl climbed out of an apartment window standing there holding on to the railing. the only thing keeping her from falling is probably how light she is. >> that's the thing, air-conditioning units, on two little metal things sometimes just screwed into the wall. not designed to take any extra weight like that. >> exactly. notice firefighters one
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lowered down to go get the girl. he does grab her very easily. but has to be frightening. that's unbelievable that she made it over to that little air-conditioning unit uninjured, that she didn't fall. monday night, 11:20, jogging to the station because my last train's at 11:30. 12:35, making my lunch for tomorrow. done. 12:40. eating it because i'm hungry. >> this is stu, a youtube channel one of the hardest working places on earth. he put together a video, his average week. >> 12:48, workout. 1:00 a.m. shower time. 1:30 bedtime. >> let's see how the rest of the week goes. >> 7:30. >> six hours sleep. back to the grind again. >> 9:30 arrive at the office. >> 13 1/2 hours of work. >> 11:15, heading home. >> what time did he start work?
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>> 12:30. 12 o 35 eating granola, 1:00 a.m. bedtime. >> granola a lot during the week. >> 8:20 showered dressed, eating granola. >> showered and dressed and ready. >> dude's off. >> 11:15, leave work. >> worked over 40 hours already, only 13 hours of sleep. >> he must be rich. >> look at the apartment he's in. basically a cupboard. no doubt that cost millions of dollars. thursday night, midnight doing his workout. after a month of 15-hours of work on friday we get home. fortunate nayly he's got the weekend. but wait it's japan. we're not done yet. >> 9:30. >> ten hours of work to go. >> on saturday? >> does he work in a mind shaft? digging a hole? this guy needs a vacation. >> 78 hours at work 35 hours of sleep. in japan, everybody works that hard. if you're not working that hard
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you're going to get to yourself fired. the lady in this video's having a really good birthday. she is enjoying a glass of what i believe is wine. >> good thing she's not driving. the steering wheel on the other side of the car. >> no definitely not driving. >> in the front seat australia? >> this is stral. >> mum, where do you think you are now? >> no idea. >> part of the reason she's not driving, she doesn't have a car. she done have a car. she's had troubles with the vehicle she currently owns. she's been having to ask family and friends for car rides everywhere she needs to go. but she's at her destination where her son has brought her. no idea where she's at. >> any idea where you are? >> no idea. >> if you can figure out, she is at a mazda dealership. why? because her son decided to do something amazing for his mama and buy her this beautiful new car. >> what? that's the best birth day present ever. he got the big bow.
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it's like a car commercial. >> at first she can't see the car because she's blinded. it's too bright outside. she's blindfolded. >> this is your brand-new car. >> oh my -- >> blinded by tears. >> she had wine. she can't touch it right now. >> yet. >> have to wait. >> next video. >> soak in that new car smell for her birthday. >> do you like it? this guy's moving snow around one particular car again. >> it's the straw that broke the camel's back. >> see what he does about it next. little ronan got himself a big bag of cereal and dumped it out. >> it's fun to crunch down on the cereal the sound it makes, the texture. >> see what happens when ronan gets hungry on "right this minute."
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job is the hardest job in america right now. trying to keep all of the alleyways free. but there's one guy that keeps parking in a place he's not supposed to park. this means he can't clear things off which means he's getting in trouble, people are shouting at him. the straw that broke the camel's back. he's decided he's had enough. >> most of the times he'll move the car and he hasn't. >> can you see the car? >> oh no. is it under that giant pile of snow? >> let's look further, shall we? >> is that the side mirror there? >> as we continue and continue and continue eventually we find the culprit's car buried. must be about 20 30 feet behind one huge part of the snow on one side the bobcat which he decided to move the snow. >> shoveling. >> understand why he would get so grumpy because everybody is tired of the snow and adding to the tension. that shouldn't happen in boston right now. everybody should be
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accommodating. >> ronan. what did you do? >> take this whole thing out. >> little ronan was hungry found himself a bag of what looked like year cereal cheerios a large bag, and now it's all over the floor. >> are you hungry? >> mmm. >> mmm. >> phillip mckeon posted this video. so glad he did because it's so darn cute. >> sweet. >> recognize the star of the next videos. this is our little hanna banana daughter of our awesome producer joanne. >> first ones a clue. >> what is that? >> a puzzle. >> a puzzle. >> mom has to help her out a little bit. once we see the puzzle hanna reads it. >> your wish is finally coming
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true. instead of one there will now be two. >> what does that mean? >> what does that mean? >> i get two wishes. >> does she figure it out right away? does she know what that means? >> no. a second gift helps her with a second hint. >> it says "big sister" on the t-shirt. watch the light bulb go off. >> it says "big sister." >> what do you think that means? >> you're having a baby. but we're not done. it's now hanna's turn to held aunt and cousins. >> mom's having a baby. >> ply gosh. >> hanna's explanation how the baby got in mommy's tummy. >> that's awesome. >> maybe we should have one more kid in the house so she and dad helped each other getting the baby in her tummy. >> mommy and daddy help each
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other. >> takes two hands to clap. >> big sister. >> she's going to be a good big sister. >> she had to come here to us to tell us as well. >> hanna. >> my mom's having a baby. >> and the crowd goes wild. a dance that gets the pants on. >> i have got to admit, when you see this happen it's impressive. >> see the moves that require no hands. >> could be the dance that takes him into the next decade. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k know the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrently no credit score oror i incncomome e rereququirements to qualify. yoyou u cacan n geget t tatax-free money from the equity in your home. yoyou u cacan n ususe e ththe e momoney to pay off your current mortgage ifif y youou h havave e onone.e. the remaining money can be used for anything. ththerere'e's s nono m mononthly mortgage payments.
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>> right. >> you miss so much of it. for those waterspouts are fun to take a look at. right off into the water, basically like a mini tornado, a weather system over the water they see it kind of cool. >> it is cool looking. >> getting bigger. >> and it's coming closer. >> you ski the waterspout now
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moving closer and closer towards the beach. but the beachgoers enjoying a nice day. these things peter right out. >> yeah. they don't necessarily come to land. >> not usually, though. boy oh boy, this one's getting close. >> oh! >> now people are running! >> look at this. >> oh oh. >> sand ripping the palm trees to pieces. >> umbrellas and towels. >> yeah. look how pin point that little storm was just that one narrow little spot. >> and it went away. >> gone. >> that's it. >> celebrate the ohness ocean's joke. you've been peeing in me i'm going to send force your way. >> a lot of different people capturing this online from multiple angles. on beach level you see people kicking back yeah there's a little thing in the distance no biggie. no reason to really run away. the wind is whipping. no thunder or lightning, nothing
3:57 pm
to alert people that this is going to make landfall. >> as it gets closer you see people say we need to move a little bit out of the way but not quick enough. ♪ >> the '20s had the charleston '70 '70's the twist, '80s the hustle. john daly with the no hands pants dance. ♪ i like it. but this is literally him boogying out to take me to the hospital. as he puts on trousers without his hands. >> when you see this happen it's impressive. ♪ >> maybe you know it could be the dance that takes him to the next decade. but we've got another one. this one here is -- i don't
3:58 pm
know. ♪ >> wow, she is feeling it too. she is feeling it. >> feeling something. >> i'm not going to make fun. i'm a horrible dancer. if that's how the music moves her, go, girl. don't do drugs, kids. >> that's what the video says. >> that's it for "right this minute," everybody. we'll see yo
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harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harve kwliven here. charles: charles here. harvey: great news here, chris brown is a daddy and has been for nine months and somebody didn't know about it. this is his girlfriend. this is a whole huge drama we broke on the website. i'm telling you there are certain things that just explode on the website. this went insane when we put it up. charles: chris brown is a father. the mother is a woman named nia. she's a former model that lives in texas. and they met t


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